Price List

Below is a full list of the bonded stores we can supply.

Please note that duty free goods are not available by mail order. We can only supply vessels visiting Shetland.

British CigarettesPer CartonPrice
Regal King Size200£19.00
Silk Cut200£21.00
Silk Cut Ultra200£21.00
Lambert & Butler200£19.00
Benson & Hedges200£19.00
Danish CigarettesPer CartonPrice
Prince Lights200£18.00
American CigarettesPer CartonPrice
Marlboro Lights200£19.50
L&M Blue Filter200£13.50
L&M Red Filter200£13.50
Winston Full Flavour200£12.99
British Rolling TobaccoGramsPrice
Golden Virginia250£19.99
Cigarette Papers/LightersPer CartonPrice
Rizla Rolling Papers (Red/Green/Liquorice)100£20.00
Tokai Disposable Lighters25£7.00
Norwegian Rolling TobaccoGramsPrice
Petteroes No. 3250£29.99
Pipe TobaccoGramsPrice
Clan Aromatic250£23.00
CansPer CasePrice
Tennents Lager24 x 50cl£18.00
Stella Artois24 x 33cl£13.99
CansPer CasePrice
Magners Apple24 x 33cl£19.00
Scotch Whisky BlendedLitresPrice
Famous Grouse (40%) (Per Bottle)4.50£45.00
McArthurs Fine 'Argyllshire' Scotch (40%)1£9.50
White & Mackay 'Glasgow Special' (40%)1£9.99
Zetland North Sea Whisky (40%)1£8.40
Smirnoff Red Label (37.5%) (Per Bottle)3£38.99
Smirnoff Red Label (37.5%)1£13.40
Zetland North Sea Vodka (37.5%)1£7.50
Morgans Black Jamaican Rum (40%)1£12.50
Morgans Spiced Rum Gold (35%)1£12.50
Morgans White Rum1£12.50
Amarula Cream Liqueur1£10.40
Malt & Deluxe ScotchLitresPrice
Old Pultney Noss Head Bourbon Cask 46%1£24.00
GlenGrant 10 year old 40%1£27.00
Three Barrels V.S.O.P. (40%)1£14.99
Fundador Solera Reserva Brandy (40%)1£9.50
Gordon's Gin (47%)1£19.50
Greenhalls London Gin1£10.50
Fortified WinesLitresPrice
Bristol Cream Sherry1£9.40
Cockburns Special Reserve Port1£15.00
Martini Rosso (sweet)1£10.00
Martini Extra Dry (dry)1£10.00
SpanishPer CasePrice
Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava(Fizzy)6 x 75cl£34.99
Italian/SicilianPer CasePrice
Zetland Clumly Baas Arpeggio Rosso(Red)6 x 75cl£26.00
Zetland Skaw Taing Merlot Mandrarossa(Red)6 x 75cl£27.00
Prosecco Bottega Brut(Fizzy White)6 x 75cl£40.00
South AfricanPer CasePrice
CalifornianPer CasePrice
Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon(Red)6 x 75cl£29.75
Beringer Chardonnay(White)6 x 75cl£29.75
AustralianPer CasePrice
Lindermans Tollana Shiraz Cab(Red)6 x 75cl£29.00
Lindermans Pinot Grigio(White)6 x 75cl£29.00
PortugesePer CasePrice
Soft Drinks
TinsPer CasePrice
Coca-Cola24 x 33cl£15.50
Diet Coke24 x 33cl£12.50
Pepsi Max24 x 33cl£12.50
Fanta24 x 33cl£12.50
Irn Bru24 x 33cl£12.50
Diet Irn Bru24 x 33cl£12.50
Ginger Beer24 x 33cl£12.50
Lilt24 x 33cl£12.50
Sprite24 x 33cl£12.50
7up24 x 33cl£12.50
Vimto24 x 33cl£12.50
Red Bull24 x 25cl£29.99
BottlesPer CasePrice
Lucozade24 x 380ml£22.00
Mineral Water
BottlesPer CasePrice
Highland Spring Water24 x 50cl£9.50

Please note that all listings/prices are correct at the time of our last update, but are subject to availability/price changes.